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Waifu Collection

Geiga (2/2/2023)

So it was a friend of mine's birthday and I needed to get him a gift. And since I'm a dumbass who can't plan ahead, I didn't have time to really get anything ready. What does that mean? GIFT CARD! But I HATE just HANDING someone a gift card. Feels souless and any friend of mine is not worthy of a souless action! So I usually mix the gift card with something else or package it in a funny way. This time, I decided to draw said friend a QT S.T.A.L.K.E.R. gal with it! I don't really have any details on her, but I'd image she's pretty new to The Zone and just wants to find dank artifacts.

a girl in a gas mask sitting down with her hoodie zipper unzipped half way partially exposing her chest

Periwinkle (1/30/2023)

I've been mad thirsting for shortstacks lately; goblin girls in particular. And in my hunt for more hot goblin girl pix, I found this (NSFW)(Degen) CYOA (Choose your own Adventure) image. This INSTANTLY inspired me to draw what I came up with in my mind based off the choices I made. So meet Periwinkle! She's a mischievous, silly goblin who likes to wear girly dresses and hang out with her abundance of friends.

A cute and voluptuous goblin girl in a dress named Peri Winkle

Lilly (7/19/2022)

The favicon of Perkenia is the face of some succubus drawing I stole (can't find the source sorry OG artist). It's always been intended as a placeholder as I'm not cool with using something I didn't make as the face of my site, but laziness prevails and here we are years later and it's still the favicon. BUT this sexy lady here is who I consider the site mascot, named Lilly. Bow to your queen! UPDATE 1/31/2023: Lilly has been updated to the favicon! The site mascot is now the face of the website!

A sultry, sexy succubus playfully grinning named Lilly