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Moving House


WAY late on my yearly article here. Anyway, I'm moving to another VPS host here soon. So far, Vultr has been a wonderful host and I have had zero issues with them. But I want to expand and do more things with my VPS. On top of that, the host I'm probably going to move to simply provides a better price for what I want.

Vultr is a great VPS provider and I recommend them 100% for small VPS needs. It's just in this case, I have slightly-bigger-than-small needs.

There will be no major changes outside of my personal email changing, but it's not like I get a lot of emails anyway. Only ones I can think of are a spam email that somehow found me and TypeType demanding I stop using their font without licensing it. The joke? I found one that's under the SIL Open Font License v1.10 and was way better than the one I found. It's Jura by Daniel Johnson. Dude makes good fonts.

>inb4 um akshully it's not called a font.

As for what I actually want to do with my VPS? Instead of paying for both my website and my email and whatever else I'm doing, I'll just do it all under the same VPS. Email and Webhosting don't take up that many resources so I'll have a lot of room to do things like host a small game server. Probably a Quake III server and/or a vanilla (as in paper/spigot) Minecraft server with some basic plugins. Nothing fancy. Best part is that I can simply use the same domain name of and just change it for whatever. Just think, one day, we can have these:

The pastabilities are endless! Although I have to admit: getting a Phantasy Star Online server up is more of a pipedream. The software is windows only (all my VPSs run Debian Linux) and the Ephinea PSO Private server kinda just works already. I will update when things become available. Of course, the people I'm interested in playing with will probably just be notified directly anyway.

Those articles on 5x5 RPGs and Video Game Emulation Morality are still coming...