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IRL Leveling


Thinking about all the cool stuff I can do with my new webhost has kinda inspired me to do what I call some IRL Leveling. Yeah, kind of a cringy name but I blame Lei for inspiring the idea.

IRL Leveling by my definition is the process of acquiring new skills and improving already known skills. Now I'm not one of those crazy people that's gonna turn my whole life into a game and give myself fake XP or some dumb shit like that. That shit is just a distraction from actually getting stuff done.

Thinking about all the stuff I want to do with my VPS reminded me that I've never actually set up and run a video game server from scratch. I mean I can figure it out and I have the general idea of what to do, but there's going to be a lot of shit I just don't know how to do. In the past when I've run a Minecraft server, I just used a dedicated server host for it and used their webapp to manage the server. That's fine I guess, BUT THAT'S NOW HOW REAL MEN DO IT. Also my server host really sucked cock (do NOT use Shockbyte).

All this also reminded me that I know jack shit about about networking and that might be helpful if I plan to run a website and email server, rather than just letting YunoHost do it all for me. And as if the good lord heard me, I stumbled upon the Total Seminars YT Channel and their CompTIA A+ playlist and got inspired to actually get my CompTIA Core certifications. I bought their Udemy course (not sponsored, but god I wish I was these exams are expensive). I'm currently on course 1 of the A+ cert and despite me knowing much of the material already, there's a little bit I didn't know plus a lot on the way I don't know (IE: Networking).

And just today while I was doing the dishes, I got pissed at my old faucet. Then it dawned on me: I can just replace it myself. I looked up how to do it and it's really not that hard.

Learning how to do things yourself is important as you can't just always have somebody else do it for you. That would either ruin some relationships or be WAY to costly. That being said, there are certain things you should just pay the man on. But for small shit like faucet replacing? Yeah, go ahead.

Gee, TWO articles in the same week? Crazy, I know.