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Fav game?


Yeah, I know I'm a little early on my yearly article, and that this article is not about the morality of video game emulation/piracy. That's just how the cookie crumbles this time around.

Anyway, I see a lot of these 3x3 or 5x5 charts posted about people's favorite pieces of media and I wanna join in the fun. So here is my 5x5 sorted in no particular order.

a 5x5 of my favorite video games.

I spent about an hour on this really thinking about which games were important to me and deserve to be in my top 25 Now, there are plenty of games I've left out here. The biggest runner up is Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones, but Warcraft III needed represented more. And while I'm a huge fan of Mario and Zelda, every game here outclasses them. That, and this list is always changing depending on my mood. BUT, I'd say there are at least 5 that are always here no matter what mood I'm in and all have been/will be my favorite game of all time. Here are some mini-reviews/justification:

  1. Phantasy Star Online
    No other game matches the simplicity and tone that this game has. Diablo may scratch this itch for some, but I never got into it. This is also one of the few games with an OST that I listen to on the regular and hum to myself. If you haven't played it, then what are you doing with your life? It's FREE on PC!
  2. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    Yeah, I think everyone has their favorite Bethesda game. They truely are the only ones making games in their specific style. The Far Cry series comes close, but doesn't quite go as far as TES goes. Despite the funee NPCs and potato heads, no RPG reaches the same level of immersion for me, except maybe TES II: Daggerfall. If you haven't played it, get the GOG release. It's the most out-of-box ready version you can get and it's DRM free and its on good old downloads.
  3. Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite
    This one and Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate come pretty close, but this one like my other picks, has a certain charm and clunk to it that I can't get enough of. I've lost days of my life to this one playing it on Vita. I think it's the farm that makes me pick this one over Gen Ult or XX if you're a loser (or japanese). Since this one falls within the emulation category, you'll have to find a copy yourself. Many ARCHIVE ORGanizations have PSP collections, often posted by absolute CHADMASTERs. 
  4. Team Fortress II
    This is the game I have the most hours in; nearing 900 hours at the time of this article's publication. I could play this game for the rest of my life and be happy. It's got everything I love about Valve-Style Source Engine games and a ton of character. Overwatch tried to beat this game out and nearly got there, but they couldn't beat the king that is TF2. It's F2P and is easily found on SteamPro Tip™ - Highly suggest getting this through the Orange Box, which is $20 but goes on sale all the time for less than $5. Buying it through this pack gives you a free hat and makes you a premium user, reducing the free-to-play restrictions Valve has put in place a few years ago. Also, you get the entire Half-Life 2 series and Portal. Pro Tip 2™ - Only play on community servers. The matchmaking is filled with annoying cheating bots. Thank me later.
  5. Mount & Blade: Warband
    THE BEST MEDIEVAL ARMY GAME. Go around, recruit an army, fight in huge battles, siege castles, win tournaments, fuck bitches court ladies, and pay taxes. What more could you want? This is one of the few games in the "do what you want" style that do it right. A lot of the time, games where there's no story and you have to "make your own story", it often gets boring after you reach a certain point. I mean, how many Minecraft worlds have you made and abandoned? Seriously, GET. THIS. GAME. It's a ton of fun. There's also a shitload of mods that change the game into anything you want like a Star Wars TC or Game of Thrones TC.

Now, I obviously recommend every game here, but you should start with the five there. Or don't because you're not an action gamer. Maybe one day I'll post a list for RPG games or some shit. Maybe...